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Pony Boy books are available through Amazon in e-book or paperback format. Currently published are The Adventures Of Pony Boy: The Early Days and The Adventures Of Pony Boy: My First Year.

Pony Boy Books


"What a great story to facilitate the teaching of life's lessons to young readers. The nurturing bond that Pony Boy has with his mother can be felt as the parent-child share this story and experience their own bonding."

- Caryl

"​​I recommend "The Adventures of Pony Boy" for any child who is ready to listen to or read a chapter book.
"The Adventures of Pony Boy" is a wonderful book about the life of a halflinger pony. Pony Boy narrates the story beginning with his first adventure of learning to stand on four legs after foaling. We get to know his mother who guides him through early life and we meet and fall in love with the horses that share the pasture with him and the people who take care of them.
The story shows us how his mother helps him become a confident pony ready to face the challenges of growing up and what lies ahead."

- MissMarcia