Pony Boy Books

Meet The Author

K. L. Stock

K. L. Stock, better known as Miss Kitty to hundreds of children and adults, has been riding, teaching children, and training horses since 1984.  In 1988, she built the Naples Riding Academy which has trained three generations of riders.  In 1989, she hosted the 1989 Sea Horse Open Horse Shows and formed the Tees Dressage Club. She also sponsored the Miracles in Motion for riders with physical challenges who participated in the Special Olympics. She also was one of the people selected as The Face of Hope by the Naples Daily News. She has always loved being involved and teaching children.  

She currently resides in Naples, Florida.  She has three children and one granddaughter whom she has enjoyed sharing the stories of Pony Boy through the years.  Pony Boy, the Halflinger Pony, still lives with her at the Academy and is now 28 years old. She also has her other horse, Penny, and two dogs - Jake, a German Shepherd, and Knuckles, an American Bulldog.

“Though it is very hard work and long hours, I wouldn’t change a single event or moment of my life. The joy of being with the horses and their families melts away the strenuous labor involved. To be greeted every day by the roar of the horses neighing, “good morning”, makes my heart and soul smile. Isn’t that what life is really about, finding an occupation that makes your heart smile? To get up each morning looking forward to the adventures that lay waiting for you with joy and anticipation in your heart. Each day I start with a five minute happy to be a live dance, grateful for the gift of life. To start each day; surrounded by the beauty of nature and all the animals, feeling the warmth of the sun shining on one’s face, and the gentle breeze blowing. There is no amount of wealth that can match experiencing the awesomeness of nature in all her glory.” – K. L. Stock